Giving back and reducing food waste: the story of our partnership with Cracking Good Food

In these difficult times we’re reminded of the importance of giving back to our local communities, and of the power desserts to spark joy and brighten our days. That’s why we’re so proud to have partnered with the fantastic Manchester-based charity Cracking Good Food to provide restaurant quality desserts to those in need.

Throughout the pandemic, Cracking Good Food have been busy delivering free cooked meals to people struggling with poverty, redundancy and self-isolation. At the time of writing they have provided 65,654 meals for the elderly, families in food poverty, those suffering from mental or physical health conditions, those experiencing homelessness, asylum seekers, refugees, those undertaking cancer treatment, families affected by holiday hunger, disabled veterans, female rough sleepers, women and children fleeing abuse as well as people in emergency accommodation with no cooking facilities.

For us here at Destiny Foods, what began over the festive period as a contribution to their Christmas day meal appeal  has now developed into a regular donation program of restaurant quality desserts as well as popular savoury items such as quiches and pies. It’s been a pleasure to have been able to assist their efforts over the past few months, and we hope this is just the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

Gemma Foxcroft – co-director and project manager of the charity – said:

‘On behalf of Cracking Good Food I would like to say how grateful we are for the support that Destiny Foods have provided us in the last few months, especially at a time of such difficulty for your team and business. The hundreds of delicious pies, quiches and desserts you have kindly donated have been safely redistributed to individuals and families experiencing hunger, hardship and isolation across Greater Manchester.  Your team has gone above and beyond to help us – we are so grateful.’

Forecasting has been a great challenge for all of us in the foodservice industry over the past 12 months. In such an uncertain landscape partnerships like this have enabled us to reduce food waste whilst also ensuring our delicious desserts are enjoyed by those who need them most.

You can read more about Cracking Good Food here and consider supporting their fantastic and necessary work.

Veganuary is for a month, but dairy-free desserts are forever

Why vegan desserts are here to stay

This Veganuary was expected to be the biggest ever, and although hundreds of thousands of people will undoubtedly be challenging themselves from home, foodservice venues have been cut out of the fun. Don’t worry however, Veganuary is more than a viral challenge; it’s moving plant-based food into the mainstream, and it’s here to stay. 

Becoming and staying vegan is now easier than ever. Of the 400,000+ people that signed the official Veganuary pledge last year, 59% remained vegan for the entire month. Most telling of all though, 72% of that group stated they intended to stay vegan afterwards, displaying the lasting impact the Veganuary movement can have on people’s dietary choices. Veganuary isn’t just for a month, for many of the participants it’s the beginning of a long term change in their diet; they challenge themselves to be vegan for January, but many will continue to purchase meat substitutes and plant-based dairy and desserts well into the future.

The most consequential element of Veganuary may even not be the number of people who remain vegan after they complete the challenge, but rather the gentle influence it has on the vast majority of people who previously wouldn’t have considered the benefits of a vegan meal. Many of us will have a family member, a friend, a colleague or posts on our social media feeds telling us about the health and environmental benefits of plant-based eating. They may never give up meat or dairy, yet they now pick up the occasional plant-based meal from the supermarket, and love the new vegan dessert at their favourite restaurant. In 2018, 92% percent of plant-based meals in the UK were eaten by non-vegans, and these dietary explorers, who we can call flexitarians, have only grown in number since.

If there’s a silver lining for our industry it’s this; although the foodservice industry is missing out on welcoming Veganuary participants through their doors this month, when our restaurants and hotels reopen the demand for exciting, high quality vegan desserts will be higher than ever before.

Our vegan lineup

In the past there has been a perception that being vegan involves arduous cooking, alienating friends and family, and missing out on your favourite foods, but no longer. The market for exciting and tasty vegan options is growing rapidly. Amazing vegan desserts are beginning to spring up all across hospitality and retail, with innovative products grabbing headlines,and taking a greater share of menus and restaurant takings.

Here at Destiny Foods, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality vegan desserts for a while now and we love that the field is becoming more and more competitive with every passing year. Our talented development chefs work hard to continue pushing the envelope, always hoping to raise the bar that little bit higher, and set a standard against which all other vegan desserts are judged. Most important of all, however, is making delicious desserts available to everyone, regardless of their allergy or dietary preference. 

Our vegan desserts are one of our proudest achievements. We replicate our favourite dishes using the highest quality, most natural ingredients available, and we think they taste incredible. It can be a challenge, but through a process of extensive side-by-side comparison with our standard products we make sure our vegan desserts taste as good (and sometimes even better!) than their non-vegan counterparts.

With these motivations in mind, we’ve refined our vegan product lineup for 2021 to include a variety of interesting and innovative options that make it simple for independent restaurants and hotels to benefit from the uptick in demand when doors are open once more. 

Refresh your menu

Are you ready for when lockdown eases? There’s no better time than the present to begin planning your menu for the grand reopening.  To browse our industry leading vegan dessert collection click here, or for expert advice tailored to your needs, give our sales team a call on 0161 231 9800.

Veganuary 2020

For those partaking in veganuary 2020 why not check out our ever expanding range of vegan desserts. If you require anything further please contact one of our sales team on 0844 856 0911

Happy New Year from us all at Destiny Foods