The history of Pannacotta

Sometimes you can’t beat the simplest of desserts. A delightful blend of sweet, delicate flavours, the creamy Pannacotta remains an all-time favourite amongst customers.

This sweet custard dessert, made from cream, milk and sugar, is one of the most versatile dessert dishes in the kitchen. Whilst its origins aren’t entirely known, many believe this Italian pudding hails from the Langhe area of Piedmont, Northern Italy. It is thought that a Hungarian lady brought the recipe over in the early 1900s. Others argue that it is a local adaption of similar continental puddings, such as the Sicilian Biancomangiare, which arrived when the country was under Arab dominion.

Whilst its mysterious history adds to its appeal, the true beauty of the Pannacotta is highlighted by the diverse range of accompaniments it can be paired with.

Comfortably served with berry, caramel or chocolate sauce, or alternatively fresh mixed fruit, it is important not to overlook this seemingly simple dessert. Why not try our new White Chocolate and Passion Fruit Pannacotta, velvety smooth to taste and an indulgent treat for your customers during the warmer summer months?

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