Shall we share one? Diners and their desserts.

Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate Tart

To share, or not to share? That is the question that many of us face come the final course of a meal eaten away from home. The issue of sharing often splits diners into two distinct camps: the happy-to-shares, and the don’t-you-dare-touch-mines. So, what reasons are there for joining either camp?

The Happy-to-Shares

Sharing a dessert can be a fun and uniting experience for a group of diners, and offering the option of a shared dessert may, from the business’ perspective, result in sales where otherwise the final course might be avoided altogether. On the customer’s side, sharing is attractive as it allows for slight indulgence without wolfing down an entire pudding to oneself. The joint enjoyment of a single dish also means that nobody feels they are missing out on a flavour they wished they’d picked.

The Don’t-you-dare-touch-Mines

A diner’s relationship with their food can be an intimate one, and the green jus of jealousy can easily sour an otherwise delicious dessert. Enjoying a pudding all on one’s own is something that most of us can appreciate as intensely pleasurable, and the sight of a creeping fork, or the sound of a “may I have a bite?” can send the most mild-mannered gourmand into a spin. Diners who order a dessert with the anticipation of enjoying a tasty flavour over again as they devour it will contribute a healthy extra portion to the bill, so it is a habit to be encouraged amongst businesses.

Not wanting to take sides, we offer desserts of all varieties, flavours, and sizes. Whether to be shared, or not to be shared, is up to the diner decide.