Real bread, fresh out of the oven


Bread is one of the most widely consumed foods across the globe. Thought to have been eaten simply as a flatbread in the pre-historic period, it is still viewed as a staple of many people’s diets. With Real Bread Week running from the 6th to 14th May, it is the perfect excuse to celebrate bread in all its various forms.

Bread has evolved drastically from its inception over 30,000 years ago. Innovations such as leavening, refined flour and mechanical slicing have transformed the water and grain concoction created by the caveman, and turned it into the modern day bread we know today. Perfect for any sandwich or as an additional side to enhance a main meal, we have a wide selection of Breads and Viennoiseries for you to choose from.

Our 43g Mini Ciabatta has an open texture and a soft creamy crumb, suitable alongside a hearty bowl of soup. The Nova Galega Baguette, made with natural sourdough that is slowly fermented before being baked on the ‘sole’ of the oven, has a light crisp crust; a great accompaniment to one of our Little and Cull terrines. Alternatively, brighten up your customer’s day by serving them up one of our classic 65g Straight Croissants or 70g Pain au Chocolats.

Our full range of Breads and Viennoiseries, including Vienna Gourmet, Demi Baguette, Rombo Multicereales and Sweet Waffles, are available to purchase here.