Move over cupcake, a new craze is emerging – the Cronut.

The UK went cupcake-crazy last year, with 111 million cupcakes sold throughout 2012.

This year, the ‘cronut’ looks set to take its place. This latest bakery craze has gone down a storm in the USA, and now a host of outlets in the UK are taking on the challenge of perfecting a cronut.

Cronuts – a cross between a doughnut and a croissant are still relatively new, having first been created by a New York baker in May 2013. The perfect cronut combines the light, flaky texture of the croissant with the external crispness, sugar texture and glaze of a doughnut.

With a wide range of fillings and seasonal themes available, the cronut has certainly caused quite a stir across the pond. UK manufacturers will no doubt keep a close eye on the rise of the cronut and look to take advantage of this trend when the time is right.

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