Irresistible coffee shop cakes

The UK’s leisure landscape has changed drastically over the last five years. Gone are the days when the traditional pub monopolised the high street; now coffee shops can be found on every corner, catering to a nation of coffee lovers seeking a cosy retreat.

What, then, can coffee shops do to stand out from the crowd and maximise revenue? The need to provide cakes and pastries that look irresistible whilst tasting divine has never been more important. Our individual gourmand tart collection is perfectly suited to a coffee shop counter – fruit tarts such as strawberry and blueberry can brighten up your display with vibrant colour that immediately catches the eye. Rich flavours, including baked chocolate, are the perfect indulgent accompaniment to your customer’s favourite drink.

Alternatively, why not try our velvety triple-layered cakes, from moist chocolate fudge cake to classic Victoria sponge? Paper between each slice helps to keep the cake fresher for longer, perfect for storing on a counter-top and quickly portioning for customers who wish to take away.

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