Get 15% off Macarons and Tarte Tatin this October

Macarons Tartes Tatin DiscountDestiny Foods is giving its customers a 15% discount on two of its most delicious desserts this October.

Crunchy, sticky Macarons and the tantalisingly sweet Tartes Tatin are both on offer throughout the whole of the month. Now that the days are getting cooler and the nation’s favourite baking show – The Great British Bake Off – is about to reach its conclusion, this is the perfect time to serve up a selection of tasty treats to satisfy customers’ appetite for a sweet treat.

Macarons have been a favourite amongst the bakers this year. They are primarily made up of almond flour, sugar, and egg whites. A dessert that is particularly popular in Paris, Destiny Foods offers variously flavoured and delightfully coloured macarons to rival any found on the streets on the French capital.

Another French favourite, the Tarte Tatin is an upside-down pastry topped with caramelised fruit. The famous dish is believed to have been the accidental creation of Stéphanie Tatin, one of two sisters who ran the Hotel Tatin in Lamotte-Beuvron, France, in the 1880s. The tarte became a signature of the hotel and has gone on to become a favourite across the globe.

Order Macarons and Tarte Tatin from Destiny Foods this October to receive 15% off the usual price.