Destiny’s heavenly Viennoiserie selection

Our mouth-watering, French-made Viennoiserie are made from all-butter recipes and as such, offer a truly authentic taste and texture. They are available as a range of mini or large croissants, waffles or pain au chocolat. If you’re stuck for choice, here are a few of our top choices:

Sweet Waffle

Our sweet, golden waffles are a favourite up and down the country, and are ideal for breakfast or a dessert. Served with fresh, juicy raspberries and a serving of our rich vanilla ice-cream, this delicious treat never fails to impress.

Pain au Chocolat

For those with a sweet tooth, Pain au Chocolate is the perfect treat. These pastries consist of two sticks of dark chocolate, blanketed in a warm, flaky pastry.

Straight Croissant

Demand for the conventionally curved breakfast treat has fallen, and British consumers are now seeking out the straight variety due to their enhanced ‘spreadability factor’. Our buttery, straight croissants are wonderfully light and flaky – the perfect start to the day.
To download a PDF of our Viennoiserie range, please click here