At Destiny Foods we don’t accept anything short of perfection. The standards we set across all of our facilities ensure that our clients always receive the highest possible quality of products and service.

We focus on delivering the finest experiences to our clients. This is something that we do on a daily basis and after years of maintaining such high standards we’ve built up a reputation for quality and service that we’re very proud of. But we refuse to rest on our previous successes; we’re always looking towards the future and looking to improve.

For example recent investment saw Destiny Foods awarded British Retail Consortium (BRC) Issue 7 certification in 2016. We were one of the first businesses to pass this achieving a Grade AA in the audit. This certification is a leading global standard that measures food manufacturers which implement outstanding manufacturing processes supported by quality management systems in order to produce safe, legal and high quality products.

The level 7 tests are especially stringent on safety requirements; something we place a huge emphasis on. We go through numerous and thorough audits, in which we always do very well. This is mainly down to our technical department who understand that you cannot compromise on food safety and that’s why we’re particularly proud to have this recognised by the British Retail Consortium.

BRC Food Safety Certificate 2018

BRC Storage & Distribution Certificate 2018

Technical Standards