Would you believe it if we said we make over three million scones per year?

Well, heritage baking is very much back in vogue with today’s diners, and there are few British favourites as popular as the scone. Traditionally served with jam and clotted cream in a Devonshire tea, scones are single-serving quick breads, baked and often lightly sweetened before being eaten warm from the oven.

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This humble Scottish cake, however, is no one-trick scone-y. Whilst we might know it best as a sweet bite to eat with a cup of tea, the scone is actually very versatile. Restaurants can serve it in all sorts of ways for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

For breakfast, stuff a batch of scones with bacon and maple syrup. This combination, which might seem odd, is an American favourite – and for good reason, too! Fry up a few rashers and arrange over an open scone before smothering with warm syrup.

For lunch, spread on some salmon and cream cheese. You may never have imagined eating a fishy scone, but this classic bagel filling is wonderfully adaptable. If you plan to serve the lunch as a picnic or a little while after preparation, keep the filling separate until serving to avoid dampening your dough.

For dinner, bake beautifully scone-topped beef pies. Sometimes, a slight variation of a classic dish can work wonders, being both familiar and intriguing to patrons. Instead of the usual crust, top your beef with an arrangement of fresh scones. This makes for an interesting twist and is a perfect example of just what can be done with the simple scone and a little imagination.

For dessert, sweeten things up with lemon drizzle. Mix 3 tbsp of icing sugar with enough lemon juice to make a thick but runny syrup. Drizzle over freshly baked scones, and scatter with 4 crushed white sugar cubes and the zest of a lemon. If you’re feeling really fruity, fill the scones with lemon curd. Otherwise, the classic clotted cream and jam works beautifully.

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