Variety is the spice of life for vegetarians

If you’re a vegetarian, navigating the many Christmas menus and seasonal options to find a suitable, tasty option can become quite a chore. Often the same nut roast, vegetable curry or mushroom and cheese parcel crops up time and time again.

Destiny Foods has diligently tried to bridge this gap in the market to come up with new, inspiring alternatives that are full of flavour. An assortment of mini quiches, including Asparagus and Pepper, Broccoli and Tomato are ideal for Christmas party buffets and large-number parties. Variations on these flavours can be bought in individual and large sizes too, such as the individual Vegetable quiche and the delicious Leek and Mushroom large quiche.

Tom’s Tartlets are also an excellent choice due to the wide range of flavours available. Made with the same buttery pastry as we use for our pies, the Butternut Squash, Red Onion and Blue Cheese Tartlet is appealing to the senses with its vibrant colours and tantalising aroma. For those partial to cheese, our Fig and Goats Cheese Tartlet is subtle and a keen favourite for those who want a wintery-themed main. Other appealing options include the Beetroot and Feta and the Roasted Garlic, Mushroom and Stilton Tartlet, which can all be served hot as a main course or cold with a hearty side salad.

For a more filling alternative, you need look no further than our Large Vegetable Strudel Pie. This savoury strudel is filled with a mixture of warming seasonal vegetables, fool proof for any winter menu. No matter which choice your customer picks, you can guarantee that they will be satisfied with products that are rustic, homemade, and most importantly, taste incredible. Take a look at our new catalogue for our full range.