The Valentine’s Day range at Destiny Foods

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and for many couples, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a romantic, candle-lit meal for two. Our Valentine’s Day range is now available, and is filled with treats to ensure your customers have a night to remember. 

For the romantics at heart, our Strawberry Mousse Heart Sable is the perfect way to finish a special meal, whilst our Irish Cream Profiteroles with chocolate are ideal for sharing. If these options don’t tantalise the taste buds, there is always the fool-proof road to many a person’s heart – chocolate.  

Research suggests that chocolate contains pleasure-inducing compounds and creates a chemical feel-good factor, not dissimilar to true happiness. Why not, then, try our Delice Chocolat Blanc de Framboise, Chocolate Ganache Torte or Duo Chocolate Teardrop Torte?

Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be a sickly sweet affair. Our wide range of Little and Cull Terrines are the perfect option for fans of savoury treats, whilst our tempting Tom’s Tartlets include vegetarian-friendly flavours such as Beetroot and Feta.

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