Trendspotting: the Cakeshake

We know a good trend when we see one, and we have recently spotted the undeniably delectable ‘cakeshake’.

The cakeshake is what it sounds like: it’s a cake in a milkshake, and that’s a combination we can only approve of. So, how can you create one of your own? We recommend adding one of our delicious Destiny Foods cakes to the mix, whizzing it up with milk, and serving it with straws and spoons, sundae-style.

Make your own

To achieve the heights of indulgence, we suggest starting off your cakeshake with one of the following cake bases:



For the less gluttonous diners, offer a smaller cupcake cakeshake. There are several flavours to choose from, so there’s a variety of recipes to come up with.



They may not strictly be considered a cake, but we can’t imagine a creamier cakeshake than could be achieved with this classic of patisserie.

Carrot Cake

Mini Carrot Cake

Vegetable smoothies are all the rage of the health food scene, and we see no reason why dessert lovers shouldn’t get in on the action. The carrot cakeshake may sound wrong, but it could be oh, so right.


Blackcurrent Cheesecake

The cheesecakeshake is an inevitability. This classic of savoury-meets-sweet cake-making will undoubtedly make a menu favourite.


Do you fancy whizzing up your own cakeshake? Order the ingredients today!