Top tips for using chocolate in your desserts

It’s National Chocolate Week next week, and in order to celebrate, Destiny Foods has put together a few top tips on how to use this popular and versatile ingredient in your desserts.

Add variety
Chocolate is a versatile ingredient, and as a result can be used for a variety of dishes. If you’re calorie conscious, melting chocolate and using it as a topping on fruit is a great way to enjoy chocolate in moderation. If you’re not too bothered about calories, why not go the whole hog and bake some chocolate brownies? For those who prefer something a little less rich, chocolate mousse is a fluffy, desirable chocolate-based treat which works well on its own or as a side dish.

Place an emphasis on provenance
If you’re making desserts for a bake-sale, or if you own a café and want to cook up an extra special treat for your diners, be sure to inform your customers on the origins of the ingredients used. Diners are becoming increasingly interested in the source of their food, and informing them of its origins will not only provide reassurance, but also validate quality.

Mix sweet and savoury
Fancy experimenting? Why not mix sweet and savoury together? Mixing sea salt with dark chocolate is a popular way of softening the bitterness associated with dark chocolate, as well as giving it a crystalised texture. If you’re feeling more adventurous, sprinkling bacon flecks cured with maple syrup over a chocolate cake can create a taste sensation like no other!

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