Top Tips for the Perfect Macarons

Last week, Destiny Foods dispelled the myth that macarons are difficult to make, by providing you with an easy macaron recipe for beginners.

But a recipe alone is often not enough to ensure an easy ride, particularly for those who are a little nervous! To ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, here are some top tips for making the perfect macarons:

Invest in a mat
Although it’s possible to make macarons without the aid of a mat, there are specifically designed macaron mats that will make the entire process a lot easier. If you really don’t want to part with that much cash, it is possible to draw a template on greaseproof paper, although this will not give the same ‘perfect shape’ as the macaron mat. If you go for the template option, cut out the hard work by searching for free, printable templates online – there are loads out there!

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!
The key to great macarons is in the planning. If you’re making coloured macarons, make sure you’ve bought food colouring paste as opposed to liquid. Food colouring liquid will alter the texture, and not in a good way! Weigh and measure all of your ingredients before you start, as the amounts are non-negotiable, and can be the make or break of a successful macaron. Finally, ensure you sieve the icing sugar and ground almonds before you mix – skipping this step will result in disaster!

Be slow, gentle and patient
Fast and furious is not a good method when it comes to macarons, particularly when mixing your ingredients! Adding the sugar to your egg whites all in one go will ruin your mixture, so the best way to do it is in three parts. Be patient with your whisking, it will take a while. You need to mix until the whites are so stiff you can turn the bowl upside down and they’ll remain in the bowl! Don’t be too heavy handed when mixing either, using a slim spatula with a quick, gentle motion will result in a thick and airy batter. Finally, once your macarons are complete, leave them on a cooling rack until they are completely cold. If you remove them before this point, they will stick and ruin, so resist the overwhelming temptation! Patience is a virtue…

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