Top tips for the perfect cupcake

It’s National Cupcake Week next week, and in order to celebrate, Destiny Foods has put together some top tips on baking the perfect cupcake.

Ensure you stick to instructions
Baking is a fun activity, and there’s always a temptation to use artistic license. Whilst it’s great to experiment, instructions are there for a reason! Free-pouring batter can result in large cakes being undercooked, and small cakes being overdone. A great tip would be to use an ice-cream scoop to measure evenly. Once your cakes are baked, don’t be too eager to apply your frosting straight away. If cakes are left to cool on a wire rack first, the end result will always be better.

Presentation is key
There is a staggering array of toppings available to adorn cupcakes. Presentation is a key factor in cupcake-making, so it is important to pre-plan and take your time when it comes to frosting. For cupcake fans that worry about caloric intake, miniature strawberries, blueberries and other fruit are an attractive and healthy alternative to traditional toppings. For those less concerned about calories, miniature cookies are not only visually stimulating, but can add a fun, crunchy textural dimension to your cupcake.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!
Cupcakes are a blank canvas, and there’s always room for experimentation. As their popularity increases, more and more people are beginning to create unusual flavours. Don’t be afraid to mix sweet and savoury – adding chilli, cheese and even bacon can yield unexpectedly delicious results. In terms of fillings, hollowing out a portion of the cupcake and filling it with extra frosting is a great way to add an element of surprise. If you’re feeling less adventurous, injecting extra filling to the top of your cupcake is a simple but effective way of boosting its flavour.

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