Top Tips for the Perfect Crumble

The crumble, also known as a brown betty, is a British dish that is a firm favourite amongst dessert lovers everywhere. Crumbles are versatile creatures that can be made with a variety of fruits and toppings and served with a variety of accompaniments.

If you plan on trying your hand at your own crumble, Destiny Foods has put together some top tips to help you ensure you get the most from your mixture:

Freeze your Mixture
Not many people know this, but freezing your mixture can improve the texture of your topping. Once your mixture has been rubbed together, give it a quick blast in the deep-freeze, or if you’re making it ahead of time, store it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it. Chilling the mixture will slow the melting of the butter, thus helping the crumble to retain its pebbly shape whilst cooking.

Rub your Mixture By Hand
Often when baking a crumble, people make the mistake of using a processor to help with their mixture. However, this can often result in a texture that is too fine, and the end result can become ‘cakey’ as opposed to ‘crumbly’. Rubbing the butter in by hand will make for a stodgier mix, which is perfect for crumble.

Add Nuts or Oats
In order to add more depth to your crumble, why not add some nuts or oats? Ground almonds can be used as a partial substitute for flour in some cases, and for extra topping, hazelnuts and walnuts can complement your dish depending on your choice of fruit. Oats are also a nice addition to your crumble, particularly if they are scattered on top as opposed to mixed in, as this means they toast nicely to give both flavour and colour to your crumble.