Top Tips for Making the Perfect Mince Pie

It’s November already, which means that for many, Christmas preparations are now well underway.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without mince pies, and we make thousands! To celebrate this popular festive treat, Destiny Foods has put together some top tips for making the perfect mince pie:

Add some alcohol
Adding alcohol to your mincemeat mixture will give a warm, Christmassy feel to your pie. Providing you don’t use too much, golden rum such as Mount Gay will add just the right amount of kick without overpowering. If you’re not a fan of rum, Grand Mariner is another alcoholic beverage which works great with mincemeat mixtures thanks to its zesty, orange flavouring.

Don’t be afraid to experiment
Mince pies shouldn’t be restricted to the traditional recipe. Using apple mincemeat and topping your pie with crumble will create a fabulous ‘apple crumble’ mince pie, or if you’re a chocolate lover, melting chocolate into your mincemeat and adding the zest of an orange will result in a tasty ‘chocolate orange’ flavoured pie.

Bigger is better!
Who says mince pies have to be small? If you’re having a family gathering, why not make mini pies for the children and larger pies for the adults? Or if you’re feeling extra festive, you could use a muffin tin to make an oversized mince pie for all the family to share!