Top tips for making the Perfect Gingerbread Man

It’s that time of year again, when gingerbread men around the country come out of hiding and take centre stage in bakeries and homes across the UK.

There’s an art to creating the perfect gingerbread man, and to help you master this art, Destiny Foods has put together some top tips:

Don’t overwork your dough
Gingerbread men should be firm, but not tough. Toughness usually comes as a result of overworking your dough, or rerolling it too many times. In order to help your gingerbread men remain tender, try not to overwork the dough, and if necessary add some white vinegar to the mixture. The acid from the vinegar will tenderise the dough without affecting the taste.

Try a healthy option
Just because it tastes great, doesn’t mean it has to be bad for you! Using wholewheat flour is a healthier alternative which won’t affect the taste too much thanks to the bold flavourings of ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Another benefit of these strong flavours is that you can cut back on butter, which is a large source of saturated fat. Canola oil is a healthier alternative which will provide just the right amount of fats necessary without risking your health.

Keep them fresh!
Gingerbread men are at their best when they’re no older than a day or two. Storage is also important, and storing your gingerbread men in an airtight container will help prevent them from drying out. Dough is suitable for freezing, so if you’ve made too much dough, it’s better to freeze some for next time rather than making too many gingerbread men and leaving them to go stale.