Top tips for making cheesecake

Not long ago, Destiny Foods provided an easy strawberry cheesecake recipe for beginners. For those who tried their hand at our recipe and now want to find ways to perfect it, Destiny Foods has put together some top tips for making cheesecake:

Keep it smooth, and keep it moist
In the preparation process, ensure that all your ingredients – cream cheese, eggs, sour cream and even the sugar – are kept at room temperature. Although this may sound over the top, it will ensure that your ingredients blend together better, which will result in a smoother cheesecake. A great little tip to ensure that your cheesecake stays moist is to place a pan of water on the lower rack of the oven whilst you bake your cake. This will create a steamy atmosphere which will stop your cake from drying out.

Preventing cracks
One of the main problems when it comes to making cheesecakes is the cracks that can occur on the surface of your cheesecake. These are usually caused by air that is trapped inside the batter. To avoid this, make sure you mix your cheesecake batter well to eliminate lumps in the cream cheese, but ensure you do this before you add the eggs. It is the eggs that hold the air in the batter, so once you have added these to the batter, mix as little as possible.

No peeking and no poking!
Whilst there’s a lot of temptation to open the oven and look at your cheesecake whilst it is baking, it really is best to avoid doing this. Letting the steamy air out will result in a dry cake, and sudden change in temperature is one of the main causes of surface cracks. Poking your cheesecake to check it is cooked in the centre will create a hole, which nobody wants! A great way to check is to give it a shake. If it stays firm at the edges but wobbles in the centre, the cake is done.