Top tips for a truly tantalising tart

There’s nothing more appetising than a fruit tart. Not only are they an aesthetically pleasing treat, but if baked correctly, they can taste heavenly.

It’s easy to be impulsive and choose fruits that seem attractive and juicy, but this can often result in soggy crusts and gluey cream. The trick to the perfect tart is getting it to taste as good as it looks, and in order to help, Destiny Foods has put together some top tips for making the perfect tart.

Don’t be afraid to cook the shell thoroughly

Many people worry they will burn the shell when it comes to cooking. This often results in undercooked pastry that tastes raw, doughy and floury. Cooking your shell until it’s completely brown will bring out its sweet, warm and buttery taste, and will ensure it doesn’t sit in your mouth like glue.

Choose the right fruit
The fruit is the most important aspect of a fruit tart, and will determine whether it tastes sweet and juicy, or bland and mediocre. Try and choose fruits that are in season – apricots and strawberries are great for summer, whilst pears and berries are better for the autumn and winter months.

Presentation is everything
Even if you’re making a tart for your own consumption, treat it like a piece of art! Tarts are delicate creatures, and extra special care should be taken when arranging your fruit. Try and lay your fruit in the same plane as the cream as this will ensure it stays in place. For dramatic effect, arrange your fruit so it stands up in the cream, and experiment with clashing colours and shapes. Treat the decorating process as though you were flower arranging to ensure you get the best view from every angle.
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