Top tips for a tasty trifle

Trifle is a quintessential English dessert which has stood the test of time, originating over 400 years ago. It’s likely that the trifle’s sheer versatility is the reason behind its success and longevity. To celebrate this, Destiny Foods has put together some top tips for making a tasty trifle:

Experiment with ingredients
The layered nature of trifle means you can mix and match with ingredients to create a unique tasting experience every time. Over the festive period, why not use Christmas pudding as the base? It works wonderfully with clementine slices, and when finished with ginger and amaretto, the end result is a festive trifle fit for a king!

Leave your trifle to mature
Whilst it’s tempting to dig in as soon as you’ve made a trifle, you shouldn’t be too hasty! Leaving a trifle to sit improves the flavour, as it allows the flavour to marry. If you’re having a party or gathering, it’s always worth making your trifle well in advance so it has plenty of time to sit.

Presentation is key
Trifle is not only a dish that tastes beautiful, but it can also look beautiful if presented correctly. Using a see through trifle dish will show its layers which works great with trifles including fruit such as strawberries. Slicing the strawberries in half and lining the dish with the sliced side of the strawberries will create an attractive pattern along the outside.