Top tips for a tasty terrine

Christmas is fast-approaching, and the terrine is a dish that regularly sees a rise in popularity throughout the festive season. The terrine is a French forcemeat loaf similar to pâté, with roughly chopped vegetables and a hearty meat filling. They are a popular dish, especially at Christmas, as you can be exceptionally creative with the choice of fillings used.

We offer a range of terrines and pâtés that you can browse here, but if you fancy trying your hand at home, here are a few top tips:

Tip 1: When lining the loaf pan and adding your delicious fillings, make sure there are no gaps in the lining. This will keep the terrine firm and even, for a faultless result.

Tip 2: The terrine will need to be set to form the shape of it. Placing heavy objects such as jars or cans on top will assist with the formation of the terrine.

Tip 3: Terrines are best served in even slices. To make this process easier, carefully turn it onto a flat surface, such as a chopping board, and take off the plastic wrap before slicing. This way, your terrine can be sliced and served to perfection.