Three New Triple Layered Cakes from Destiny Foods

Destiny Foods has just launched its brand new triple-layered cakes for when one or two layers of your favourite dessert just won’t suffice. Now your diners can enjoy three layers of one of three new flavours. There’s a classic Victoria Sponge Cake, an indulgent Chocolate Fudge Cake, and the quirky Carrot Cake.

Tripe Layered Cakes

To celebrate the launch of our trilogy of treats, here are three sweet facts about cake:

  1. The Romans made their cakes by adding eggs, butter, and honey to a basic bread mix, giving it a consistency and sweetness that we would consider to be cake-like. Roman ideas of bread and cake were a little less defined than our own.
  2. The word ‘cake’ comes from the Middle English kake, probably taken from the Old Norse language. It is also related to Kuchen, the German word for cake. The French, Spanish, and Italian words for ‘cake’ don’t share a common root; gâteau, pastel, and torta respectively are however related to the English ‘gateau’, ‘pastry’, and ‘tart’.
  3. Gâteau, the French word for cake, was first used in English to describe a savoury dish made with meat. There are written examples of ‘veal gateau’ and ‘fish gateau’ from the time.

As tasty as a fish gateau may have been, today’s diners have thankfully got our tasty flavours to choose from instead. So, which will it be? Order today at