The Fanciest French Desserts


France, where one of the world’s most beautiful cities serves food fit for the most sophisticated palates, has provided more than just a romantic holiday destination to the British.

France and food are intrinsically linked, and we have inherited some of our favourite dishes from French menus. There are countless dishes attributed to the country, but there’s arguably nothing quite as delicious as a French dessert.

The Macaron

This sweet confection available in various colours and widely flavoured varieties is made principally of meringue, with its two outer biscuit layers sandwiching a filling of ganache, buttercream, or jam. The biscuits gained their fame during the 18th Century, when two nuns sought asylum in Nancy during the French Revolution and sold macaron biscuits to pay for their housing. However, it wasn’t until the following century that the two biscuits served with a filling became the norm. Called macaron Parisien, the sweet grew to become a global favourite with variations around the world. Serve with a fresh coffee for a sophisticated afternoon nibble.

The Éclair

A choux pastry filled with cream and topped with icing, the éclair came from 19th Century France, where it was called pain à la duchesse or petite duchesse until the middle of the century. It is thought that the pastry was first made by Antonin Carême, a famous French chef of the time. The name éclair means ‘flash of lightning’ in French, and came from the irresistible desire to eat the pastry as quickly as possible – a name which is still well-deserved today! Put this perfectly refined finger food out on a table at buffets and garden parties.

Crème Caramel

Also known in Spain as a flan, the crème caramel or caramel pudding is a custard dessert with a sweet layer of caramel on top. The custard for the pudding first came from the medieval Arab world. Adding caramel to the custard, the French version is made with whole milk or cream whilst the Spanish flan is distinguished by its sweetened condensed milk. A perfect dish to complete a dinner, serve cool with pouring cream.

Destiny is a great fan of French foods. Our very own Development Chef, Laurent Beauvironnois, is a specialist in the creation of traditional French-style desserts. With the expertise of him and his team behind us, and we can supply a customised menu of continental cuisine to our customers. For more information, or to see the rest of our range, visit us at