The Destiny dessert trends roundup

The Donald Trump doughnut

Donald Trump Doughnut

He may not be the most liked man in America, but the Donald Trump doughnut looks surprisingly tasty. Inspired by Trump’s iconic appearance, the doughnut has a vanilla base and all-American peanut butter and jam filling. Topped with candy floss to represent the Trump’s infamous hairstyle, the ultra-patriotic doughnut is the first doughnut portrait we’ve seen, and could open up a whole new world of pudding portraiture.

Hot dog ice cream

hot dog ice cream]

It’s no mean feat to create a more Americanised dessert than the Trumpnut, but this hotdog and ice-cream mix has given it a pretty good go. The ‘Cool Dog’ is made up of sausage infused ice-cream (yes, really) sitting inside a brioche bun and topped with spicy honey mustard, raspberry ketchup, and candied pickled cabbage. In the unlikely event that you should want to try one for yourself, get in touch and see what we can do.

The croissant doughnut ice cream cone

The Crone

The full name is a mouthful in itself, but the ‘Crone’ (short version) could eventually bring an end to wafer cones once and for all. The cone, made from baked croissant doughnut dough, is filled with ice cream and covered with personalised toppings.

Watermelon and lemon flavoured doughnuts

watermelon doughnut

Yes, doughnuts are having a bit of a moment, and innovation is rife. The watermelon doughnut is glazed with watermelon fruit juice jelly, whilst the snazzy lemon flavoured doughnut is glazed with lemon and topped with a lemon slice. Two of your five-a-day? Not quite.

Double cheeseburger pie

double cheeseburger pie

For our savoury moment, we introduce you to the double cheeseburger pie. Made up of two beef patties with cheese, pickles, onions, relish, and mustard in a pastry parcel, the pie has taken pie to places it has never been before.