Steam ahead to Christmas on the Destiny Foods Express

christmas trainAll aboard the Destiny Foods Express! This year’s festive menu provides a banquet of treats to delight and indulge in over the Christmas period.

First stop: Order early to avoid disappointment. To ensure your diners get what they want this Christmas, place your order with enough time to avoid missing out on your favourite items. This will keep lead times manageable for both you and your supplier, allowing ingredients to be sourced for the items on the menu.

Next stop: The magic! At Destiny Foods, we produce both traditional puddings and innovative desserts using the most popular flavours in a variety of exciting ways. Alongside everyone’s favourite festive fare, we offer a special Sticky Toffee Pudding with Cranberry and Orange, and our Irish Cream Crème Brûlée and Irish Cream Torte ensure lovers of a creamy Christmas tipple are catered for.

Final destination: Don’t stop believing! Christmas and desserts are a match made in the elves’ workshop, but we recognise the need for something savoury to snack on between puddings. Our Chicken & Wild Mushroom and Smoked Salmon & Prawn Terrines are the perfect accompaniment to a round of crackers and cheese.

Take a look at the full menu for Christmas 2015 here, with a full range of sweet and savoury foods which is sure to earn you your silver bell.