Staff Q&A – Laurent Beauvironnois, Development Chef

Describe your role at Destiny Foods in one sentence:~
As Destiny Food’s New Product Development Chef Patissier, it is my responsibility to develop, test and cost new patisserie products that will exceed our customers’ expectations.

What do you think will be the main developments in your sector in 2014?
I would be surprised if we didn’t see the continued growth of seasonal desserts based around events such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Additionally, I welcome the increasing number of experimental desserts from the US making an impact in the UK, such as The Cronut. Product innovation is always a positive.

French or British desserts, which is better and why?
I have to stay loyal and choose French desserts, but British desserts have certainly improved rapidly over the last couple of years. I believe this is down to an increased demand from British consumers for complex desserts which rely heavily on continental patisserie techniques. Celebrity Patissiers, such as Lorraine Pascale, have done a lot to introduce new dessert concepts to the British public.

Which festive product amongst Destiny Foods’ range would you recommend as a must-have this Christmas?
Our new Chocolate & Orange Pannetone Pudding works very well at this time of year, it’s filling, warming and full of flavour – perfect for rounding off a Christmas meal!

What is your all-time favourite dessert?
It has to be a classic Apple Tart, crème Chantilly optional.