Spread Christmas cheer with non-gluten options

Christmas is a time for indulging in all of your favourite things, both sweet and savoury! However, it is not uncommon for customers to have dietary requirements when they visit a restaurant or hotel. Now more than ever people pick eateries based on variety of food choice, so it is important to ensure you have plenty of non-gluten options to avoid customer disappointment and encourage sales growth.

Providing non-gluten products does not have to be a daunting task. Destiny Foods aims to provide mains, desserts and ingredients that allow every customer to enjoy their favourite dishes. Our broad range of savoury products, including sliced white bread, rolls and pizza bases make for the perfect base for any non-gluten dish.

When it comes to a little sweet treat, we offer both contemporary and classic desserts. Made with great care in order to meet high quality standards, classics such as our sticky toffee pudding, with its moist sponge mixed with chopped dates, provide the customer with a great taste. The American favourite, baked vanilla cheesecake, replaces its traditional crumb base with a mouth-watering crunchy granola mix. The pecan tart, made from crunchy pecans and syrup inside a non-gluten pastry case, caters for those with a sweet tooth but looking for something more adventurous.

Serving non-gluten food doesn’t have to be difficult or scary – we’ve made it so you can’t even taste the difference! Take a look at pages 42, 43, 102 and 103 in our new catalogue for our full range.