Shortbread destined for the millionaire?

Have you ever found yourself taking a bite of a millionaire’s shortbread and wondering how it gained its name? This rich and indulgent biscuit is still extremely popular in cafes and restaurants, but its history is somewhat of a mystery. It is thought the biscuit’s name originates from Scotland, but why millionaire?

The name, millionaire’s shortbread, could be lent simply to the rich flavour and texture of the biscuit. It’s deep caramel filling, often made with condensed milk, sits on top of buttery shortbread and is finished with a coating of chocolate. Whilst this makes sense, others believe the shortbread was invented in an era where hierarchy ruled – the wealthy would have signalled themselves out from the poor by enjoying decadent treats in the afternoon when others couldn’t afford to indulge.

Regardless of the biscuit’s background, millionaire’s shortbread remains a firm favourite amongst customers, often overshadowing plain shortbread. As one of our new products being released, we’ve combined quality with great value to ensure your customers feel like millionaires.

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