Reduce restaurant waste with Good to Go scheme

Diners in the Scottish city of Inverness are being encouraged to get over the embarrassment of asking for a ‘doggy bag’ when dining out. Destiny Foods thinks it is an idea the rest of the UK could take up, encouraging diners to save food and opt for a third course.


The Scottish Government has launched the ‘Good to Go’ scheme, run by Zero Waste Scotland, following a successful pilot scheme in 2014 which saw an average 42% reduction in food waste per restaurant.

Restaurateurs throughout Inverness and the Highlands are being urged to sign up to the initiative, which provides free ‘Good to Go’ boxes for diners’ leftovers. According to research carried out by Zero Waste Scotland, two-fifths of diners claim to be too embarrassed to ask for a ’doggy bag’, while three-quarters of respondents said they would

welcome the ‘Good to Go’ option.

Whilst the initiative for now exists only in Scotland, restaurateurs south of the border can jump on the food-saving bandwagon of their own volition. To avoid throwing away around one in every six meals served, venues may consider investing in simple takeaway containers for guests to take leftover meals back home, saving them money on food that would otherwise go to waste.

In times of growing awareness of the environmental damage and costliness of throwing food away, customers will jump at the chance to take home an updated ‘doggy bag’ without the perceived shame of having to request one. Meanwhile, restaurants can enjoy reduced levels of waste, squeaky clean eco-credentials, and a perfect excuse for full-up diners to say yes to dessert.