Pre-plan your Christmas Menu with Destiny Foods


When the sweltering summer fades in a few months’ time, the nation’s thoughts will inevitably jump ahead to Christmas. By mid-October we’ll be wondering when to unearth the reindeer jumpers, and whilst we might mock each other’s premature excitement, there’s something to be said for a pre-planned Christmas.

Caterers especially need to know what they’ll be serving ahead of time. We released our 2015 Christmas menu in June, giving our customers plenty of time to get their festive plans finalised. You can begin putting together your menu now, with items ranging from the traditional – including Christmas Cakes, Mince Pies, Yule Logs, and Wellingtons – to show-stopping Ice Sculpture centrepieces in various Yuletide designs.

Take a look at the Christmas 2015 Menu here. To contact our sales team, call 0844 856 0911 or send us an email: