New quick-cook Breads from Destiny Foods

Rombo 75g Express Part-Baked Dinner Roll

We know which side our bread is buttered, which is why Destiny customers get what Destiny customers need. A new range of pre-prepared, part-baked breads offers a solution to one of the key issues faced by commercial kitchens: achieving the balance between speedy delivery and attention to detail.

Without having to mix, knead, and prove their own breads, caterers will be able to avoid investing in unnecessary equipment whilst spending precious time on other tasks. Once in the oven, most breads will be ready to eat in 11-17 minutes, whilst an Express Breads range is ready from frozen in just five minutes.

The breads on offer include banqueting rolls, baguettes, and sandwich bread, as well as more aerated styles including a crunchier ciabatta.

To discuss the range further, or to place an order for any of our breads, get in touch on 0844 856 0911.