Mobile payments to become ubiquitous in 2016

This year looks set to be the year of mobile payments for restaurants in the UK. Over the past 12 months, opinions have been divided over the idea of settling a bill using a smartphone, with some championing the technology and others condemning the idea that customers could pay and make off without even a thank-you. But 2016 could be the time that opinions are altered.

Apple Pay has been rolled out in various venues in recent times, and contactless card payments can now be used for transactions of up to £30. The most impactful advance for restaurants, however, has been the availability of payments apps which allow customers to pay on their smartphones and leave without ever requesting the bill.

This won’t be a service reserved for mid-market or casual dining venues, either. Certain apps offer the ability to have receipts emailed to the customer following a meal, making expensing a business lunch a much simpler affair than ever before.

Whilst dinner and smartphones may not seem to go hand-in-hand, we welcome the idea that the nation’s restaurants may finally have to jump into the 21st century.

Will you be keeping up with technology?