Marking Bramley Apple Week with a recipe for a proper Apple Pie

Each year Bramley Apple week is celebrated from 2nd-8th February to raise awareness about this fine piece of British produce.

The first Bramley apple pips were planted by Mary Ann Brailslow in her garden in Notthinghamshire in 1809. The house was then bought by a butcher named Matthew Bramley in 1846, who acquired the tree in the sale. One day a passing nurseryman asked if he could take a cutting from the tree and sell the apples that grew from it. The butcher kindly agreed but on the condition that the apples would be named after him and so the Bramley apple was born.

The apple quick rose to fame after being exhibited before the Royal Horticultural Society’s Fruit Committee on 6 December 1876, where the produce received a highly commendable accolade. A few years later the Bramley Seedlings received a First Class Certificate by the Committee of the Royal Jubilee Exhibition of Apples held in Manchester in October. During the First World War, seedlings were extensively planted to produce much needed food and nutrition to families and troops across the country. Today the Bramley apple industry generates £50 million to the UK economy and is enjoyed by millions in chutneys, ciders or in a classic apple crumble.

In celebration of the fruit, Destiny Foods have created a simple recipe for a proper apple pie.


For the pastry

255g/9oz plain flour

pinch of salt

140g/5oz hard margarine or butter

6 tsp cold water

 For the filling

3 large Bramley cooking apples, chopped, stewed and cooled

sugar, to taste

caster sugar, to serve

The Method:

Begin by pre-heating the oven to 200c or Gas Mark 6.

Start preparing the flour by sieving flour and salt into a bowl then rub together with the margarine or butter until the mixture turns into fine breadcrumbs. Following this add cold flour to the mixture and until the mixture reaches an even colour and the consistency is firm enough for rolling.

Following this, divide the pastry into two halves. Roll one half out so it is just slightly bigger than the plate you will use to cook the pie.

Then fill the pastry with the stewed apples and cover with the remaining half of the pastry. Trim any excess pastry from around the plate to tidy and cook for 20-30 minutes. Sprinkle with sugar to serve.