Indulgent ice cream; artisan know-how

At a time when consumers are increasingly paying attention to the quality of what they eat, their expectations and purchasing criteria are changing. Now more than ever, customers are searching for premium ingredients, without losing full flavour of a product.

Our new “Pol Sud” range of ice cream has been created with this in mind; the intense taste of our ice cream & sorbets comes from the use of generous amounts of quality ingredients. We are proud of our artisanal approach, adapted with modern technologies to create this best taste. Our mission to produce authentic flavour has meant that we only use natural, organic ingredients and no flavouring or colouring agents.

We aim to take you to a state of indulgence with our ice cream & sorbets. Lighter and closer in taste to the original products used than offered with other ice cream providers, your customer can enjoy an ice cream or sorbet that is both easier to digest and lower in sugar.

We recognise that your customers want to enjoy their ultimate favourites; it is this exact reason why we produce such a varied selection of flavours. With fruit taken mostly from French fruit cooperatives and markets with fresh milk from the “Marguerite” farm, we are able to capture a mixture of original and classic flavours, including a range of gluten free products.

Our Haute Expression range spans from creamy Almond Milk, through to Blood Orange and Pistachio di Sicily. If your customer fancies an original flavour, we offer tempting Frozen Yoghurt alongside Chocolate and Orange and Oreo Chips. For the adventurous, why not try our savoury collection? Deep flavours of Saffron, Wasabi, and Cabecou Goat Cheese to name but a few are delectable and a perfect treat. Our seed ice cream, ranging from Roasted Wheat to White Sesame, offers something that little bit different and appeals to the health conscious amongst us. We also have a wide range of sorbets on offer for those who wish for something even lighter and refreshing.

For more details and information on our full range of ice creams, please call our sales team on 0844 856 0911 for enquiries or