How to Stock a Coffee Shop

CoffeeShopCoffee shops are repopulating empty stores in a new post-recession transformation of the British high street.

People are becoming more confident in their spending, and are spending their money on the café culture lifestyle that has steadily developed in the UK over the past two decades. According to a report by PwC and the Local Data Company, coffee shops are the most active part of Britain’s modern high street, with more coffee shops than any other kind of venue replacing the lost retailers of pre-recession times.

With coffee shops taking over from the traditional pub, we have put together a selection of the key items for customers to wash down with their coffee. Replace the pork scratchings and peanuts with a selection of tempting treats which will get the most from your customers.


0100901-Mini Macarons

Crunchy and chewy, macarons are a very popular choice for customers who want a small but delicious treat. This French dessert comes in a variety of enticing flavours and colours.



The all-American cookie is a must-have coffee accessory. The influence of the US on coffee-drinking culture looks set to stay, and the option of dunking a chewy biscuit into an Americano is difficult to resist!


Clementine Tart 1


Our pre-cut or mini tarts are perfectly portioned for serving up alongside a Flat White. Pick from Chocolate and Pear Frangipane, Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Passion fruit, Clementine, and more!

Cream Vanilla Slice

Cream Vanilla Slice Small

The Cream Vanilla Slice is a coffee shop classic. Two slices of crunchy rough puff pastry, topped with icing and oozing with indulgent crème pâtissière, this favourite dessert is irresistible.

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