History of the English Apple Pie

Destiny Foods is well-known for recreating some of the most iconic desserts and puddings in English history, and we will be taking our creations to SIAL, Paris this October.

One of our most praiseworthy desserts is our apple pie, which has a long, rich history.

English apple pie recipes date back to the time of Chaucer, who is known as the Father of English Literature. It is said that the first documented recipe for apple pie was written in England in 1381, and consisted of figs, raisins, pears, saffron and, of course, apples. Early apple pie recipes were quite different from what we know today, as they barely called for sugar, which was an expensive and hard-to-get item at the time. Originally, the English apple pie was served in a pastry called a ’coffin‘, which was not usually meant for consumption, but was only supposed to be a vessel for the filling.

Quite remarkably, the origin of the American apple pie is said to also be derived from England. The Romans are thought to have transported apples to England, and from there, American colonists began to spread them throughout the New World.

In a variety of countries, apple pie is a dessert of continuing popularity, whether it’s enjoyed hot or cold, plain or with ice cream, double cream, or custard. Our Apple Lattice Pie comes in a golden shortcrust pastry, filled with succulent, fresh apples alongside our special smooth double cream or custard.

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