History of the classic Carrot Cake

Destiny Foods is well-known for producing some of the most iconic desserts in English history, and we will be taking our innovative creations to SIAL, Paris this October.

Our mouth-watering carrot cake is just one of the desserts we will showcase at the event, and it is a dessert that is enjoyed by an array of cultures across the world. The cake originated in medieval England, where carrots were used as a cheap alternative to more expensive, sugary foods. The naturally sweet carrots, commonly mixed with bread, eggs and butter, made the carrot cake a low-cost, popular dessert.

As carrot cakes have evolved, we have seen the introduction of exotic flavours such as pineapple, mango, banana and passionfruit. Variants on the traditional carrot cake such as carrot muffins and cupcakes have resulted in the dessert being consumed at a range of special occasions, from weddings all the way to children’s birthday parties.

Our succulent carrot cake is enhanced with fine shavings of fresh, sweet carrots, and is served with a selection of juicy fruits such as fresh blueberries – guaranteed to impress!

Grab a bite from us today; just get in touch to order.