Have a Frightfully Tasty Halloween with Destiny Foods

Creeping out your customers isn’t something we want to do at Destiny Foods, but for one night of the year there’s a good reason to give it a go. According to research commissioned by Web Loyalty Corporate Content in 2013, consumers dug out £129m to spend on food and drinks at Halloween, out of a total spend of £440m. Wales Online reported in 2011 that Halloween is now the third highest spending festival in the country behind Christmas and Easter, and if there’s one thing that people like to do at a festival, eating is it!

We’re offering a range of ghoulish goodies this Halloween from our Halloween Cup Cakes and RIP Chocolate Pot to the tempting Toffee Apple Crumble. Slice up and serve the Parkin Cake Bar when catering to large groups and, when hunger strikes, quickly cater to the ravenous monster with our pre-cut Treacle Tart and Pecan Pie.

Halloween from Destiny Foods Image