The gourmand spring clean

As spring approaches and the weather improves, consumers start to look to light, fruity desserts in place of the hot, heavy puddings they enjoyed during winter. If you are looking to give your menu a spring clean, our gourmand range of tarts is the perfect way to treat your customers.

For those in search of a fresh, clean taste, our array of fruit tarts are simply delicious. The classic Strawberry Tart sits alongside more unique flavours such as the Tarte Aux Apricots, Fruits of the Forest and the perfectly balanced Mixed Fruits.

Dessert tarts have remained consistently popular over the years, and we have a number of old-school favourites on offer. Whether your customers want to reminisce with a Manchester Tart, layered with jam, bananas and crème patisserie and topped with coconut, or enjoy the crispness and zing of the Tarte Citron Meringue, they are sure to leave full and content.

For those with an irresistible sweet tooth, options such as the French Baked Chocolate, White Chocolate and Passion Fruit and Pecan Tart, are available. From picky eaters to fuss-free, everyone can be catered for, and with the size of each individual tart at 8cm, it makes for an ideal portion size.