Top Tips for a Fabulous Flan

Flan is a pastry or sponge cake dessert that contains a filling that is either sweet or savoury, depending on the person’s preferences. It is highly versatile, and as a result is a popular dessert all over the world.

Whilst there are lots of flan recipes on the internet, there are not many tips to guide you through the process. To fill the void, Destiny Foods has put together some essential tips to help budding flan-makers everywhere!

Be Careful with your Custard
Depending on the type of flan you use, the custard can be made with either sweetened, condensed milk, cream or whole milk. The ingredient you choose will depend on the desired consistency of the custard you require. A flan made with condensed milk will be denser than one with cream, whereas a flan made with whole milk will be slightly lighter than a cream-based dessert. When heating your custard mixture, make sure you don’t over-mix your eggs, as this will result in a foamy mixture which will cause air bubbles, ruining the texture of the flan when it sets.

Make sure it’s definitely ready
Removing your flan from the oven before it has fully set can result in disaster. To check that it’s definitely ready, give it a shake in the pan. If the centre of the custard jiggles slightly it is ready. To make extra sure, insert the tip of a knife into the custard. If it is still liquid, it will need longer in the oven. Before serving, ensure you refrigerate to help develop.

Experiment with Variations
Flan is a great canvas for those who like to experiment with different flavours and textures. The sheer versatility of the dish means that you can make a flan to suit any occasion. Try mixing ingredients that you may not usually try together and consider texture when making your selection. Fruit flans can be incredibly aesthetically pleasing, particularly if you use clashing colours and place your fruits at different heights and depths, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

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