Festive favourite is still the fruit cake

Traditional fruit cake is a dessert that peaks in popularity throughout the winter months thanks to Christmas pudding and cake. Its rise in popularity begins in late November for ‘Stir Up Sunday’, a day in which families and friends soak their Christmas puddings in alcohol in preparation for the big day.

The historic fruit cake dates all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians, but the more contemporary fruitcake we now know originated in the 16th Century. In the 1400s, the English were able to successfully import dried fruits from Mediterranean countries, sparking an interest in soaked, candied fruit. The cheap sugar that arrived in Europe from the British colonies led to the discovery that soaking fruit in higher concentrations of sugar intensified its taste and colour.  In turn, this led to mass amounts fruit being preserved and fruit cake being made with a range of dried fruit.

The fruit cake has hit peaks and troughs in its popularity. For a period of time during the 18th Century, fruit cake was outlawed for being ‘sinfully rich’. Yet, its popularity rose in recent years when both Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge pushed fruit cake centre stage as their chosen choice of wedding cake.

Fruit cake embodies the symbol of good cheer and celebration, and is a must-have on any seasonal menu. Our large pre-cut fruit cake is delightfully moist and packed with an array of different soaked fruits. Lightly spiced, it is perfect as it comes or with a simple layering of custard or double cream. The heavily laden dessert is designed for those dark, colder nights, so what better to put on your menu this season?