Excellence on a plate

Research and survey data over the last few months has shown that spending in restaurants and bars has outperformed other areas of the entertainment industry and wider economy. This is a strong indicator that eating out is still a priority for many.

It is no surprise then, on the back of this news, that pastry chef Claire Clark has revealed that she is opening a new Patisserie Academy in collaboration with Milton Keynes college next month. The Claire Clark Academy for Patisserie Excellence will cater to professionals as well as home bakers and full-time students. Of particular interest, short and one-day courses for professionals will revolve around techniques and skills such as sugar work, chocolate, plating desserts, bread, pastry work and modern desserts.

At Destiny Foods, we recognise the need for great food for those with limited time in a fast-paced industry. From classics such as Bakewell Flan and Vanilla Slice to more adventurous desserts like Irish Cream Cheesecake and Chocolate and Cherry Delice, your menu can be as diverse as you wish. With a great range of main dishes to choose from, including favourites such as Tom’s Pies and Puddings and Little and Cull Terrines, you can rest assured that your customers will leave full, happy and content.

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