Dining out on the up, according to new research

Wine glassSome exciting figures have been released this week, showing that eating out is on the up across the UK. The Eating Out-Look report from insights firm Horizons found that the number of consumers eating out reached a three year high at 72% in 2015. The report also found that the average frequency of eating out climbed to 2.04 times per fortnight, with 18-24-year-olds eating out the most.

The decision to eat out is heavily influenced by health and lifestyle considerations, whilst meeting friends and convenience were both cited as good reasons for eating away from home. The time of day for dining out continues to evolve, according to the report.

In Scotland, January’s restaurant bookings were up 24% on last year. Restaurant booking website 5pm.co.uk showed that consumers are becoming ever more used to eating out and getting the best quality food no matter the month.

To capitalise on the growing number of people choosing to eat out, venues should make sure to offer as full a menu as possible. A good dessert menu should cater to customers’ needs. Get in touch with us to find out how we can put together your customers’ perfect selection of sweets.