Destiny Foods introduces its Halloween range

As Halloween approaches, we’re getting into the ‘spirit’ of things by adding an assortment of Halloween themed desserts to our extensive range.

Our individual desserts are sensationally seasonal, ranging from treacle tarts and blueberry pies to sticky toffee puddings and pecan and toffee cheesecakes. We also have a range of larger Halloween themed desserts such as our palatable peanut butter cheesecake and our tantalising toffee glazed ginger cake.

In our bar cake range, we stock both parkin and sticky toffee, or if it’s a tray you require, there’s a carrot and walnut tray, as well as a sticky toffee tray complete with toffee sauce. Our range of Halloween pies includes blueberry, pecan and of course, pumpkin pie.

As well as cakes and pies, we also offer Halloween themed cupcakes, which are perfectly accompanied by our cinnamon ice cream.

See our full product catalogue here: