Destiny Foods delighted to have BRC Accreditation renewed for 2015


At Destiny Foods, we’re proud of our products and we want our customers to be proud of them too. So, earlier this year, we were honoured to once again be awarded BRC Accreditation by the British Retail Consortium.

A global standard scheme used by over 22,000 suppliers, BRC is used to deliver companies like ours a clear set of procedures ensuring quality, safety, efficiency, and legality.

What we value in our BRC Accreditation is the peace of mind this offers to you, our customers. With the standards to guide us, we can trace every step of our processes right to the point of supply. We know the exact route of every flan, pudding, and cake, so that you can rest assured your goods are of the highest possible quality.

What’s more, with a clear record of each and every process we follow, we can sort out any issues quickly and simply as they arise.

As a company whose customers have come to expect the highest quality, we’re delighted to once again bear the BRC badge. Explore our website for more information about us, our service, and the products we sell.