Desserts of the Decade: the 2000s

Tasty treats from the 2000s

The noughties saw the start of some major new and exciting food trends including the cupcake craze, dare-devil liquid nitrogen desserts and the growth of delicious Nutella based recipes.

The 2000s enjoyed a dessert craze that was small, sweet and sprinkled – cupcakes! A childhood birthday party treat turned into a popular trend for adults. The noughties saw our cherished cupcakes begin to replace large wedding cakes and party cakes, and so the era of cupcakes was born. The major resurgence of cupcakes is partly thanks to the film ‘Sex and the City’ where characters Carrie and Miranda enjoy a gossip over a cupcake outside Magnolia Bakery in New York City. As tourists soon flocked to the bakery, more and more cupcake shops began to pop up worldwide to join the popular trend. The distinctive shape of the cupcake has even become an icon of pop culture, featuring on t-shirts, bedspreads and everything in between.

Another trend that quickly ignited during the noughties was liquid nitrogen desserts. As celebrity chefs began to feature more on our television sets, the country became inspired by some of their eccentricities. The danger tinted dessert soon caught on as a trend as spectacles of smoke appeared from restaurant tables and at parties. The benefits of using liquid nitrogen for desserts is that flavours can be custom made with fresh ingredients there and then. By freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen, people can enjoy the exact taste of the ingredients whereas freezing it in the traditional way tends to add the more icy and watery taste.

The global phenomenon, Nutella, experienced an increased popularity during the ‘00s which has continued as an on-going trend today. Unbelievably, the nutty chocolate spread was in fact invented just over half a century ago in a small town in northern Italy but the 2000s witnessed its major growth in Nutella-based desserts. The spread is now so popular, a Nutella recipe book exists, including inventive dessert ideas such as Nutella cheesecake bars, Nutella banana bread and Nutella chocolate pots. Italian restaurants are also known for serving Nutella pizza on their dessert menus which are very yummy but extremely filling. The sweet spread is not seen as a necessity but as a luxury for kitchen cupboards, being both traditional and functional. Nutella fans can look forward to celebrating World Nutella Day next year on 5th February!