Desserts of the Decade: the 1990s

The ‘naughty nineties’ wouldn’t have be the same without some scrumptious desserts. Destiny Foods has recollected some of the ‘90s favourite treats with molten chocolate cake, Viennetta and frozen yoghurt being our top few.

The mouth-watering molten chocolate cake is a highly popular dessert combining the finest elements of both chocolate cake and soufflé. Also known as chocolate fondant and chocolate moelleux, the dessert’s origins are disputed between US based chef Jean Georges Vongerichten and the French chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres. Vongerichten claims he invented the chocolate spectacle in New York in 1986, but Torres has disputed this claim, arguing the dessert already existed in France. Nonetheless, the 1990s witnessed a widespread enjoyment of the simple yet stylish cake which is quick and easy to bake. To compliment the warm, soft and gooey chocolate, the dessert is often served alongside fresh raspberries, icing sugar dusting and a runny chocolate sauce.

The treasured Viennetta ice cream is a firm family favourite, especially when served after a delicious Sunday roast. The heavenly dessert encompassing layer upon layer of vanilla ice cream and chocolate is fondly remembered by children from the ‘90s and remains a firm ‘go to’ dessert to this day. During the 1990s Viennetta promoted their focus on new flavours, introducing mint, strawberry, cappuccino and praline. The promotion launched in 1993 was particularly sparkling, with 10 sets of diamond necklaces and 100 sets of diamond earrings up for grabs! Today, additional flavours include fruits of the forest, chocolate brownie and double crisp, as the nation continues to enjoy wave after wave of deliciousness.

Frozen yoghurt, also known by many as ‘frogurt’, rose in prominence during the health-kick craze of the 1990s. The popular frozen dessert was seen as a healthier alternative to ice cream, using fresh yoghurt and sometimes other dairy products making it overall less fattening. In recent years, the country has experienced a significant rise in the number of frozen yoghurt shops where customers can choose a variety of yummy toppings to throw on top. The refreshing and nutritious treat has also now been incorporated into other desserts such as a summer style ‘frozen yoghurt layer cake’ and ‘blackberry and apple frozen yoghurt cake’.    Fondant