Dessert-only restaurant to open in London

We live, breathe, and love desserts here at Destiny Foods. The only thing we don’t like is that the consumption of such tasty treats is usually restricted to the third course only. Well, not anymore.

Tarte Au Fruits

The Café at Hotel Café Royal on Regent Street is to open from next month, serving several sweet courses in place of the traditional starter and main, each with a wine pairing.

Sarah Barber, executive pastry chef, is a big fan of dessert. She says: “Desserts have been big news and have got huge in the past five years.  There is a massive gap in the market […] for any decent places to get dessert. In many top restaurants, dessert is an afterthought.  Here, cake is at the forefront — and all of the dishes are light so you can eat more of them.”

With prices ranging from £26 for the Childhood Memories menu to £42 for the Sarah inWonderland offering, dessert here won’t be cheap.

Restaurants across the country are sure to pick up on this trend, and we foresee an array of pudding parlours opening in the years ahead.

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